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Home Theater Design and More
Industrial Sound and Vision, LLC has the specialized experience to assist you with your dedicated home theater, critical-listening room, media room, or studio project. We offer complete design services and all the professional products and equipment to make your room look and sound great.

The room itself is perhaps the most important component in any sound system; yet it is the most often overlooked. Although Room Acoustics is part science, part art, many Home Theater designs tend to ignore the science part. We look at the science and physics of the room's acoustics first to lay down the foundation of what to expect from a particular room. Using the latest industry standard techniques, we're able to optimize room dimensions for new construction or identify problem areas for existing rooms. Good room acoustic design and proper system calibration will provide increased dialog clarity, “tight” responsive bass, balanced tonal response, and improved surround field and speaker imaging.

Our theaters are designed and built for optimum acoustics, maximum sound isolation, extremely low noise, and best possible screen viewing for the ultimate in sound reproduction and visual impact. When optimizing the theater layout, we consider proper speaker placement and sight lines to the theater screen. The size and type of the screen and projector, including their locations, are also optimized to your room. This layout technique guarantees that every seat in the room has the best view of the screen and the best possible sound. Using our acoustic treatments and unique construction products and techniques ensures that outside noises don’t get in, inside sound doesn’t get out, and the entertainment experience inside is stunning.

As important, we design the “look” of the room to match the client’s requirements from the most opulent theater to the most elegant of plans. We can provide recommendations and designs of lighting systems, including fiber optic starfields, lighted pathways and dramatic programmed dimming systems. Also available are the finishing touches such as theater seating and motorized screen curtain mechanisms.

To help you see what your design will look like, we offer 3D Visual Design Services that can include 3D Renderings, animations and virtual "flythroughs" of your room. Architectural themes and details, including color palates and material selections, can be incorporated into your design's 3D computer model and modified until everything is "just right" before construction begins. You can even view your 3D design on your own computer using free Adobe Reader software. We also provide construction-ready 2D & 3D CAD plans of your design.

After theater construction and equipment installation, we have the experience and equipment to properly calibrate your theater's audio and video system so that it performs at its maximum potential. A properly calibrated video display provides vibrant colors, increased contrast and detail, lengthens the display's life and also reduces eye fatigue. Proper audio system calibration, in conjunction with proper room acoustic design, will improve sound clarity and enhance the surround sound experience.

While we specialize in Custom Home Theater Design, we can supply Acoustic Design and Visualization Services for any size project where quality sound and visual impact are important.

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